ELEMENT was founded on the principle of Excellence. The Founder, Derrin Moore, wanted to inspire her young gymnasts and acrobats to reach for the stars! Out of that, ELEMENT was born! A Troupe that her gym kids could see first hand and that would inspire them to be great!

Today, ELEMENT is much more than that. We are still a tight knit core group of local artists who train together and are expected to produce high quality performances and acts. However, in addition to the Troupe, ELEMENT is an Entertainment Management and Concierge Service.

Tell us your vision and we will bring it to life with amazing performers and seamless entertainment management!

Add fun and flourish to any occasion. The wide range of offerings (from aerial silks to stilt walking) allows you to choose the element that will most enhance your event. Whether you are planning a graduation or a gala, ELEMENT has something for you.

ELEMENTs acts can be performed as a Routine or Atmosphere Entertainment. Give us a call and we can help you choose the right element for your event.

AERIAL ACTS: Characterized as apparatus rigged in the ceiling. ELEMENT can even perform these acts outside using one of their Free Standing Rigs

SPECIALTY ACTS: Acts that are inspired by a theme or idea. These Acts are not traditional circus acts and may be created by ELEMENT of the client themselves.

CIRCUS and PERFORMANCE ACTS: Traditional Circus Acts that you may have seen while watching your favorite Big Tent Circus or Vegas Show!

Routine: A choreographed act, usually performed to music. The act can range from the length of a song to 30 minutes (depending on the type of act that is requested).

Atmosphere Entertainment: Usually performed for galas and special events. The act is used as ambiance for the event. The performer(s) perform(s) various poses and skills periodically during sets.